Track 17,000+ Satellites Orbiting Earth

SkyView Satellite Guide tracks and displays over 14,000 Earth orbiting objects including weather satellites, communication satellites, navigation satellites, and space debris -- all in real time in our interactive 3D and augmented reality views. Our extensive database contains interactive information on over 20,000+ objects on those in orbit and those that have returned to Earth.

Interested in just how much "space junk" is out there? Turn on the debris satellite filter and see just how messy we are.
SkyView Satellites Track 20,000 Satellites, Even the International Space Station
SkyView Satellites Earth World View

Interactive World View

Touch-to-pan and pinch-to-zoom, explore orbiting satellites all around Earth -- all modeled to scale and updated in real time. See the Earth from the satellite's point of view. What are the astronauts on the International Space Station seeing right now?

Want to see where the satellite is going? Tap to select it and watch as the ground track shows you where the satellite will pass over.

Augmented Reality Viewer

Our proprietary augmented reality engine, first developed in our award winning app, SkyView - Explore the Universe, displays precisely where satellites will be in the sky. Use your device as a telescope and move through the air to spot their location.

Search for a satellite and follow the on-screen arrow to the satellite's location in the sky.
SkyView Satellites Augmented Reality View

preserve your vision with night mode

Night mode preserves your vision when viewing satellites in the dark. Quickly switch between off, red, and green filters depending on your preference and current lighting conditions.

When stargazing or satellite spotting for an extended period in completely dark conditions, any bright light can reduce your night vision. Using a red or green filter helps preserve your sight.

Schedule A Satellite Flyover Itinerary

Search for interesting satellites and schedule reminders for when they will be overhead. Or, head into the Upcoming Sightings area to see what will be flying over your location tonight, tomorrow night, or in the near future.

Satellites gives you a hint for how likely the overhead pass will be visible with the naked eye, ranging from "eclipsed" (not visible at all) to "sighting very likely" (extremely visible).

SkyView Satellites Satellite Spotting Itinerary